Selected Publications

What Is Illness/Where Is Illness
Meanjin, November 2018
An essay on finding belonging, understanding living with disability and hysteria.

On the Road
The Lifted Brow, November 2018
On intergenerational loss and driving.

On Illness and Australian Writing
Southerly, September 2018
As a blogger for Southerly, I wrote three essays on reading Australian sick lit (essay collections, poetry and long form fiction ) while living with chronic illness.

The 'Future' of Disability
Overland, August 2018
An essay on living with invisible disability, art, technology-forward spaces and erasure. 

Hunter, Burrower, Weaver
Island 152, 2018
An essay on overcoming arachnophobia through compassion and living with anxiety. 

Fuck You, Bobby Fischer: The Emotional Labour of Playing Chess as a Woman
The Lifted Brow, May 2017 / anthologised in the collection 'Balancing Acts: Women in Sport'
An essay my own and women’s greater experience of the sporting culture of chess, women’s emotional labour and giving up.

‘Have you thought about Law?’
Overland, February 2017
An essay on the prestige, privilege and precarity of choosing a life in the arts instead of continuing with law.

The Engine of Christmas
Griffith Review, December 2016
An essay about travelling through South Australia and experiencing grief on Christmas day.